Our Story

Two different paths converged in one;
to begin a new journey of change in the world


A business born out of love and all things good (and food).

He graduated from engineering, but had known food to be his passion all his life.

She was a communications major, a digital marketing specialist who somehow knew someday, somehow, she'd end up in the food industry.

They met in a tiny kitchen in Havelock some time in 2019, very quickly grew fond of one another and each other's interests - food. 

Soon after, The Whisking Well was born. 2 pairs of hands, countless of sleepless nights, packed full of dedication, commitment and hard work. So here we are today & forever.

Meet the team

The Visionary and Artist
The Creative Brainchild
A self-taught baker with a strong palate for everything that tastes good, Francesco went through a few of his own start-ups before founding The Whisking Well (selling CNY cookies & creating custom cakes, to name a few).
A digital marketer with a knack for all things creative, Jaz is the brain behind the branding, looks and aesthetics of the business (also, the lady behind all of your conversations) and Francesco's right-hand (wo)man in the kitchen.

As individuals who are personally conscious and aware of what goes into their bodies, we strive to only serve what's good for your body, mind and soul - that means sugar used to its minimum, premium quality ingredients you can taste, and care taken at every step of the baking process.

So when you taste something you know is good, we hope that in this way, we'd make a difference in you and in the lives of your loved ones, no matter how small.